Windthatsings Native American Flute



Michael was born in Chicago, IL in December of 1955. He was raised in southern California. In 1997 he was drawn to the mountains and scenic beauty of Idaho where he found his niche. Michael and his wife live near Mackay, ID surrounded by what used to be Shoshone land. Since his youth, Michael has had strong ties to Native American traditions and beliefs. Much of his inspiration comes while walking through the Shoshone land where the spirit of the ancient ones dwell.

His interest in the Native American flute started several years ago when he received a small cedar flute as a gift. Michael enjoys sharing his passion and hopes to impart this to all who listen to his music. He enjoys exploring all aspects of the Native American flute - traditional, jazz, blues, etc.

Since the release of his first CD - VISION QUEST Songs of the Native Flute - Michael has been the featured guest on NBC's Channel 6 Morning Show in Pocatello, ID three times. His first appearance, according to Tyson Raye, one of the show's producers, raised their ratings 5 points. They gave away two VISION QUEST CDs on each show and received record amounts of calls for them. Michael also appeared on NBC in Boise, ID and CBS in Eugene, OR.

At the International New Age Trade Show in Denver, CO in 2001, Michael was a selected performer. HIs music was very well received.

While on tour in Oregon in 2001 Michael was honored by an invitation from Geronimo Swifteagle of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde to perform at the graduation ceremony of "Native Warriors Guardians of Tomorrow's Youth" at the Salem Men's Correctional Facility. N.W.G.T.Y. is a program whose teachings and guidance help young Native Americans make wise decisions in their day to day living.

Michael has performed at weddings, Mackay's community barbeque, which draws thousands of people, and has done performances and signings throughout eastern Idaho. He has also performed at special events throughout Oregon and Washington.

Michael composes, engineers and produces all of his own music. He also produces and engineers CDs for others.


VISION QUEST Songs of the Native Flute was Michael's first CD  released in November of 2000. It is a blend of traditional and contemporary flute music combined with nature sounds, native drums, and other accompanying instruments. Each of the twelve original pieces creates its own image in your mind and takes you to a far off place. An ideal addition to any meditation or relaxation music library. Total play time is 1 hour 5 minutes.

Digital mastering by  "The Sound Factory" in Boise, ID.

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